some things I’ve written

(i.e., some things I’ve written over the years that I’m pretty proud of, including prose pieces, poems, as well as a few books)


A Football Stadium at the End of the World, the winnow, Home/Liminal Spaces Issue

Becoming Vegan in Western Nebraska, Voices of Nebraska: Diverse Landscapes, Diverse Peoples

Brach’s Tailgate Candy Corn Mix, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency

The Christmas War: A Saga of 2008, Jokes Review, Issue 2

The Colonel, Ab Terra Flash Fiction, Issue 6

Crying Over Dead Monsters, Nostalgic AF, a Daily Drunk anthology about video games (print version is also available)

Ghost Story Education, Parhelion

Glen Danzig and the Psychosexual Balancing Act of Vampire Media, Drunk Monkey

A Monster of My Own Making, South Dakota Review, 57:1

Parable of the Mother, MAYDAY

Rats and Dumplings, The Daily Drunk

The 2nd of July, Great Ape, Issue 4

This isn’t a story about being in a wheelchair, Hobart, fucked up modern love essays

Tin Flowers, Fahmidan, Issue 5

Upkeep of a Bottomless Pit, Works Progress

Visitor, Coffin Bell, 6.1

What to Do with Q, Phlexible Philosophy

Witchdoctor, to be included in an anthology forthcoming from Forest Avenue Press

Some blogs/musings/reviews over at Jokes Review


2 poems, The Paragon, Issue 19

5 poems (including one about Kanye West), Cactifur

3 poems (including one about Ayn Rand), Jokes Review, Issue 5

I fell asleep watching Star Trek so Santa Claus haunted me, Dream Journal

Family History: An Exam, Harpy Hybrid

Good Luck/Bad Luck, Atlanta Review

I Forget to Say “I Love You” Enough, Narrative Northeast

Loss, Sledgehammer Lit

The Ocean Becomes Self-Aware, Sheila-Na-Gig online

Polenta, Local Honey

A poem about the film Little Nicky, The Adam Sandler Holiday Anthology

Moth Watching, Hole in the Head Review

Sartre on a shingle, Sledgehammer Lit

“Silences” and “SATOR Square”, Fahmidan Journal, Issue 9

Surviving Mardi Gras, North Dakota Quarterly, 87: 3/4

Walking the Familiar, perhappened, Issue 7

A Week in Quarantine, What Rough Beast, Covid-19 Edition

When the world wants you dead, Taco Bell can keep you alive, Taco Bell Quarterly, Issue 3


A Cat is not a Dog (poetry/prose collection)

Dad During Deer Season (poetry chapbook)

Hugo Ball and the Fate of the Universe (an experimental biography)

She Calls Me Cinnamon (forthcoming from Pski’s Porch, but until then, check out their store)

this is why I can’t have nice things (poetry/prose chapbook)