[by me, for me, forced upon you]

Why yes, this is a writer’s website! Thanks for noticing. Yes, I am very original. So very very very original. I’m so original and special. My teachers and mother told me so from a young age, and as a result, I feel like the world owes me something. This sense of entitlement has left me emotionally stunted (as most creative types usually are) but that doesn’t matter in the long run, because I’m creative and therefore special. Yes, I am one person who is doing something. One who is most certainly, definitely doing something. Creatively, originally, boldly doing something. Like this thing, this thing, and this other thing. I’m working on other things, since people like me are always working on things. I also have a novel coming out.

I also have a YouTube channel.

A picture of me, in case you needed to know what I look like.